Animals I Hate


The Przewalski’s Horse is considered to be the last true wild horse. They’ve never been successfully domesticated. You just can’t tame those guys! All they want to do is run around China and Mongolia having an awesome time and being a horse, and that’s all they’re damn well gonna do. If I were a horse I wouldn’t need to drive a car, and if I were a wild horse I wouldn’t need to go anywhere that I didn’t want to go. But, unlike a Przewalski’s Horse, I am a domestic human, so if I can’t find one little tiny car key my whole day is ruined. Not only can I not go to class right now, my goddamn weed is in my car so I can’t even enjoy being stuck at home. If I were a wild horse I would be so fucking high right now. Everyone would be like “Whoa, stay clear of that horse! All it wants to do is talk about Wes Anderson for two hours even though you don’t even know who that is!” And I would be all “HOW CAN YOU NOT KNOW WHO THAT IS?! NEEEIIIIGH!” and then I would run away across the Steppe. 

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    I’ve seen these at the zoo, and they are super-adorable IRL too.
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