Animals I Hate


Thylacines are also called Tasmanian tigers, and they went extinct like a hundred years ago. They weren’t really tigers, which you should be able to tell from looking at the god damn pictures. They were like giant murderous koala dogs or something. If you need someone to tell you that they lived on Tasmania you’re unforgivably dumb, but maybe you’re just not good at geography so you get a ONE TIME PASS if you didn’t know that Tasmania is an Australian island. Australia+Island is basically nature’s perfect formula for creating a nightmare beast, so of course thylacines were fucking carnivorous marsupials who looked like dogs and could hop like kangaroos and tuck their balls into pouches. Those weird fucking jaws are all show though, because apparently they didn’t have bite pressure for SHIT and died because they weren’t strong enough to bite a damn sheep to death. I’m pretty sure that I could bite a sheep to death, and I didn’t even have braces. 

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    God if only everything in text books could be described as this. Absolutely perfect choice of words
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    Tasmanian wolves! Oh man, these guys are my favorite extinct animal. Years ago, I spent hours reading about them because...